Many of the companies that use Notes and Domino do not want to miss some beloved functions of Office 365. For this purpose, we at IT works unlimited have developed a Notes plugin, which allows the user to create a teams meeting directly from the Notes calendar. With our so-called "Teams@Notes plugin", you only need to tick a further box in the meeting form of the Notes calendar and click "Save and send invitations" as usual. Teams@Notes then creates the link to your teams meeting in the background. If you want to see Teams @ Notes in action, you can watch our video:

If you want to create your MS Teams Meetings in the future using your HCL Notes client, have a look at our NDO365 website, where we plan to introduce further integration solutions from HCL Notes Domino and Microsoft O365 in the future. You can also call us at 05251-288160 or send us an email to

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Teams@Notes now also supports ADFS

Since the release of Teams@Notes in the 1st quarter of 2020, we have repeatedly stumbled upon requests from interested companies who use Active Directory Federation Services - ADFS for short - for authentication purposes of MS 365 services. So far, our ...

Teams@Notes kann jetzt auch ADFS

Seit dem Release von Teams@Notes im 1. Quartal 2020 stolperten wir immer wieder über Anfragen von Interessenten, die zu Authentifizierungszwecken von MS 365 Diensten die Active Directory Federation Services – kurz ADFS – nutzen. Bisher ...

CCB-Lizensierung: Eine Lizenz für alle Fälle und Abschied vom Xwork-Server

Seit einiger Zeit wissen wir schon, dass die HCL eine Neuerung des alten IBM-Lizenzdschungels plant. Anfang Dezember 2019 haben wir euch bereits die HCL Domino Complete Collaboration Lizenz erstmalig in dem folgenden