Vor einer Woche wurde das Fix Pack 4 für Notes/Domino 10.0.1 veröffentlicht. Das neue Fix Pack wird allen Kunden empfohlen, nicht nur denen, die aktuell Probleme mit Notes Domino haben. Falls ihr also Version 10.0.1 nutzt, installiert es einfach darüber. Das Fix Pack ist zudem sprachunabhängig, es ist also egal, welches Language Pack ihr nutzt. Weiter unten im Artikel findet ihr die Fix-List zum neuen Fix Pack.

Die für euer System passenden Installationsdateien könnt ihr euch über das HCL Flexnet-Portal herunterladen. Hierzu braucht ihr einen HCL Customer Account, sowie eine regelmäßig verlängerte Notes Domino Lizenz. In unserem Blogartikel zum HCL Software-Download- und Lizensierungsprozess findet ihr unter dem Punkt 4 eine Anleitung zum HCL Software Download. Wie ihr euch im Flexnet Portal registriert, könnt ihr im entsprechenden HCL Artikel zu diesem Thema nachlesen.

Habt ihr Fragen oder Anregungen? Ruft uns einfach an unter 05251-288160 oder schreibt uns eine Mail an info@itwu.de.


Fixlist Notes/Domino 10.0.1 Fix Pack 4 (Quelle):

SPR# AGUDAY8GCY - Fixed an issue in the Notes client where a blank tab would be shown after reopening tabs from a prior session.
SPR# AYAVBCWEH4 - Fixed a problem in the Notes client where Three Clicks feature warning was incorrectly being displayed when Drag and Drop from an embedded view to a view.
SPR# AYAVBGUN9Q - Fixed a problem in Notes client on Mac 10.15 Catalina where the Create\Save Attachment dialog does not open. Also fixed issue where Ctrl+O to browse crashes.
SPR# AYAVBH9E9W - Fixed a problem in the Notes client where Notes would crash when JAWS 2019 was running.
SPR# CSMHBHWJAY - Fixed a problem in Notes Client on Mac 10.15 Catalina where notes URL links no longer worked.
SPR# GKSIB6JNHU - Fixed a problem in Mac Mojave client where Sametime AV does not work in meeting rooms.
SPR# JVEKAR6GWT -  Fix an issue with the Notes Client where Drag and Drop of an attachment from Notes to Chrome or Firefox browser would result in a 0 length attachment.  Requires notes.ini Disable_opt_drag_drop=1 to be set.
+SPR# KHORBGLRT8 - Fixed a problem where Eclipse Folders created with a common Eclipse class named iFolderLayout for use in custom plugins deployed to users as Notes Widgets do not display after upgrade to Notes V10 or above.  This regression was introduced in 10.0.
+SPR# MAVAB9CQ6B -  Fixed an issue where the action bar background (white) color turns into a gradient color in Notes Client V10.0.1.  This regression was introduced in 10.0.1.
+SPR# MMNDBEKS4Z - Fixed an issue where some Notes client binaries were missing file metadata.  This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10.
SPR# NBFOBGH67T - Fixed an issue where a specific email message will crash the Client.
SPR# NMMMB6NB2Y - Mac Client - Fixed a problem where the version info for Notes shown in Finder window has 10.0.10 instead of 10.0.1.
+SPR# PALTB75LHK - Fixed a problem in the Notes client where Action Hotspots tied to an image generate an Entry not found in Index error.  This regression was introduced in 10.0.
SPR# PBEEBKPEL7 - Fixed an issue where the Client hangs while running a LS agent.
SPR# RCCYB763FT - Fixed a Mac Notes Client crash when attempting to create a new copy of a database with insufficient rights.
+SPR# RMAAB7ZLQX - Fixed a problem in the Notes client with rich text editor where Hebrew text could not be selected within a table using the keyboard shortcuts.  This regression was introduced in 10.0.
+SPR# SSARBG66H7 - Fixed an issue where the connections plugin for Notes broke the Notes UI  This regression was introduced in 10.0.1.
SPR# SSIRAPUBEJ - Fixed an issue where the Notes Client hangs when running when running spell check on Turkish
SPR# SSPLBGE8JT - Mac Client - Fixed an issue where Notes takes a few minutes to get to the login screen and then another few minutess to get to home page when opening on Mojave OS.
SPR# THIOAX8ENG - Fixed an issue where "Expand All Sections" displays the data of hidden sections.
SPR# TSAOB5N559 - Fixed an issue where JVM is updated to include Japanese New Era fix
SPR# WDCABHFPYM - Fixed a problem where the Rest API was showing the incorrect version information.
SPR# YYLI7VYAXX - Fixed a problem in the Notes client where opening some emails would show the message "Notes has detected and repaired one or more corrupted attachments..." when not expected.
SPR# ZNDNBC8H3E - Fixed a Notes client crash on Windows 10 V1809 whenever the user tried to remotely connect to their machine via Remote Desktop Protocol.


SPR# ARANBGSN7Q - Designer - Fixed a problem with Data Connection Shared Resources where Isolation level was not being set, causing the feature to fail.
+SPR# PALTB6VJJH - Designer - Fixed an problem where the Java Compiler preferences in the project properties of a Java Agent did not persist when Designer was closed and restarted.  This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10.


iNotes Web Access
SPR# ANIABJH5DD - iNotes - Fixed a problem where HTML source was displayed when a particular type of message is opened in iNotes portal UI.
SPR# ARUIBEZMF6 - iNotes - Support Brazil no longer observing DST in 2019/2020
+SPR# ASAEBDXGPH - iNotes - Fixed a problem where a delegation setting change failed from iNotes on a mail file with a particular ACL setting. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
SPR# ASATBECH9L - iNotes - Fixed a problem where a user's own calendar entries appeared as another user's calendar with particular Notes calendar overlay setting.
SPR# HHIEBD4BPJ - iNotes - Fixed a problem where Notes ID management dialog box became blank after internet certificate was imported on Edge browser.
+SPR# HYZGBD499V - iNotes - Fixed problem that iNotes failed to install the browser cache management on IE11.  This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP7.
SPR# KKOOAP8A66 - iNotes - Fixed a JavaScript error when the user invoked "Track Message" and iNotes nonce check feature is disabled.
SPR# KKOOBDZA9Q - iNotes - Fixed an issue where an extra line break was being added when hitting return within a signature
SPR# KKOOBJJ7YR - iNotes - Fixed a problem where a P tag was being unexpectedly generated on hitting return in body after reply/copy into new action
+SPR# KKOOBJJ9FG - iNotes- Fixed an issue where a P tag was being unexpectedly generated on hitting return in body after reply/copy into new action.  This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP9
SPR# KMOABDVD7J - iNotes - Added an option to show additional confirmation to open attachments or link in mail and calendar entries to comply with UK Cyber Essentials security practices (iNotes Ultra-light mode)
SPR# MSKAA2VP7F - iNotes - Support parsing of SubjectAlternate names, found in x509 certificates that are DNSNames, to internal Domino certificate parsing routine..
SPR# NLUABA8C28 - iNotes - Fixed a crash in MIMEActiveContentEmitter.
SPR# SMIABESARM - iNotes - Invalid internet address will now be blocked on validation before sending message
SPR# TSAOBDCHSC - iNotes - Fixed an IE11 crash problem when hitting enter during editing of the body field
SPR# UTOOBJJ2GH - iNotes - Fixed a problem where the default mail client setting didn't work as expected on IE which runs as administrator on Windows 10 version 1809 or newer versions.


SPR# JCORBJ9LHZ - LotusScript - Fixed a problem in LotusScript ViewEntryCollection Intersect and Subtract methods using "MaintainOrder" argument is set.  Large collections with more than 16,000 entries would produce incorrect result sets
SPR# JCUSBHDVCE - DQL - Fixed a problem in DQL (Domino Query Language) where queries with multiple and/or were not being parsed correctly.
+SPR# LHEY9PAL5H - XPages - Fixed a problem where Checkbox/Checkbox Group, RadioButton/RadioButton group were hard to select on mobile.  This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP2.
+SPR# MNIAB8HPKQ - XPages - Fixed a problem with XPages for mobile where the validation error was being displayed twice.  This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10.
SPR# MNIAB9UE8Y -  XPages - Fixed a problem in XPages where uploading and deleting the same file more than twice then uploading the same file and attempting to save the XPage doc resulted in a runtime error.
+SPR# RGANBBABED - XPages - Fixed an issue with XPiNC in Mac which resulted in an Error 500 page showing when launching the XPages Demo App.  This regression was introduced in 10.0.1
SPR# SRKMBFNESR - XPages - Fixed an issue where Edit document Custom Control in XPages would show a dialog box instead of editing the document after the session is lost when opened in Firefox. No issue with IE.


SPR# ARUIBC2M67 - Domino - Support Brazil no longer observing DST in 2019/2020
+SPR# ASHEBK9BZF - HTTP Server - Web site rule with content header Content-Disposition for inline not working. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
SPR# BBSZAD7DZV - Fixed an issue where when an admin chose to delete a database and chose the option to delete all other replicas and did not choose the option to leave a redirect, a redirect was being created. Admin had to manually delete the redirect.  This has now been corrected and no redirect will be created.
SPR# BSPRB7EHEX - Fixed a problem with SCR where it was not honoring the notes.ini RTR_INI_DEFAULT_PORT which tells RTR to use a specific port.  SCR will now also use the same port if the INI is set.
+SPR# BSPRBJ3R74 - Fixed a crash in Domino on startup in RestoreSCRState - OSFileGetToken.  This regression was introduced in 10.0.
SPR# CCAYBHFF5H - Fixed a problem where Compact was causing <dbname>.ORIG file to be left behind
+SPR# CSIOBKPHDX - Fixed a problem where the CKEditor stopped working in web app after upgraded to 10.0.  This regression was introduced in 10.0.
SPR# DCKTBGUNLH - Fixed an issue in Domino where reverting an 11.0 server to 10.0.1 where the 11.0 server was DAOS Tier2 enabled and had at least one database with Tier 2 attachments would result in a panic in dbgroup.c - PANIC: ASSERT(MasterDBG->Offlined || FoundOne)
SPR# EPORBGKQSS - Upgraded OpenSSL to 1.1.1a version
SPR# GFALBFRJAP - Fixed a problem with setting the TIKA_JVM_OPTIONS_OVERRIDE ini variable where the first -D parameter gets concatenated to the built in argument.  Workaround was to add the -D parameter twice.
SPR# JDFUBDPAHP - Domino - Fixed a problem where the Domino mail server would crash when processing a particular message.
+SPR# JKEYBEYGPQ - Messages sent to external SMTP systems that returned a failed Delivery Status Notification used to retain the original sent message id in $MessageID.  Now the original sent message id is in the item SMTPSavedMsgID, even for the case fixed in this SPR, where a mime before new mail agent is defined.  This regression was introduced in 10.01
SPR# JMANBHNKQM -  If Cluster Symmetry (Repair) is enabled, when a person was deleted via the Delete Person dialog in the Admin client with the option "Delete mail replicas on all other servers", if the option "Delete user from the Domino Directory immediately" was also selected, Repair would recreate the mail file from a cluster mate after it was deleted.  This is now fixed so that all replicas of the mail file in the cluster are deleted.  A workaround prior to the fix being installed is to not check the "Delete user from the Domino Directory immediately" option.
SPR# JPAIAX9MZX - Fixed a problem in adminp where the Administration Process was incorrectly processing adminp requests multiple times due to a logic error where the timestamp of the last processing request was not being updated.  This has been corrected.  There was no workaround, although any duplicate requests seen could be deleted.
SPR# JUYYBJK4QV - Fixed an issue where there was an HTTP performance issue due to a lock on a semaphore which had been locked by a thread that did not exist.
SPR# KBRNB9JMLA - Fixed a crash in Domino Server if OSInit failed due to incorrect error path.
SPR# KBRNBAEJHL - Added additional debug to Domino Platform Stats to help when failure.
SPR# MOBNBH3JK5 - Fixed a problem with the Full Text Auto Update feature where it was not always indexing all documents.  Workaround was to set  FT_SUPPRESS_AUTO_UPDATING=0 to disable the feature.
SPR# MOBNBJ6Q3E - Domino LDAP - Provided a debug INI to allow disabling of LSCHEMA loading as a way of avoiding a potential crash in LSchemaTerm. Schema loading is not essential if you have not extended the standard LDAP schema.  Set DEBUG_DISABLE_LSCHEMA_LOADING=1.
SPR# MSKABBBJE5 - The INI ARCHIVE_PRESERVE_ADMIN_SERVER=1 can be set on a server that performs archiving to preserve the admin server of the archive db during an archive operation.  Normally, as part of the ACL being copied during archiving of a mail file to an archive db the admin server will be copied as well.  In cases where a copy of the archive is on the same server as the mail file this is not a problem.  But if there is no archive copy on the mail server, then the archive db will have an admin server that is different.  This situation is not common.
SPR# NRBY9GWJ43 - C&S API: The CalUpdateEntry() API call will now convert a non-meeting into a meeting if the update contains ATTENDEES.
SPR# PALTB3GKJB - Fixed an issue where LSX LC agent running on iSeries intermittently crashed when creating a new LCConnection.
SPR# PKURBA6D76 - Repaircleanup - Removed extra output when running repaircleanup task
SPR# PLYSBDFJVD - MIME -  Fixed an issue where the filename parameter for a MIME part in an Internet email is handled incorrectly and corrupted in certain cases.
SPR# PLYSBDWR94 - Fixed an issue with $MIMETrack item note not including CD-MIME conversion operations.
SPR# RDRABGQMWZ - compact -c -ZU no longer allowed on DAOS enabled databases
SPR# SHJRBGBAWV - Fixed an issue where compact -replica -ren_wait # -Restart was not waiting the specified time prior to doing the restart
SPR# SKSWB83KAP - Fixed an issue where unable to retrieve NotesJSONElement from NotesJSONNavigator.
SPR# SOKEB8WRML - Fixed a crash during transaction undo on a database with nifnsf enabled
SPR# SPPPBF7A9W -  Fixed a problem where an agent was not running from the browser, with the error message on console “HTTP JVM: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: java.net.SocketException: Software caused connection abort: socket write error”
+SPR# SPPPBJQJJT - Fixed an issue where design docs (and others) were dropped during compact -replica.  This regression was introduced in 10.0.1 FP3.
SPR# YYUNB2M6PH - Fixed a Domino server crash when doing full text search - PANIC: LookupHandle: handle out of range from GetChar__FP10STREAM_CTXP11STREAM_DATA

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